WEY VV5气动避震专用桶身 低姿态改装首选AIRBFT

WEY VV5气动避震专用桶身 低姿态改装首选AIRBFT

AIRBFT气动避震网站介绍:WEY VV5气动避震专用桶身 低姿态改装首选AIRBFT
车型:WEY VV5
Airbft is the first choice for low attitude refitting of wey vv5 special pneumatic shock absorber barrel
Model: wey vv5
Brand: airbft
Warranty: one year

AIRBFT气动避震桶身,由台湾避震工厂加工生产,中国AIRBFT气动避震运营中心提供最准确的安装位数据,经过测量订制气动专用版避震数据,百分百保证专车专用,AIRBFT气动避震每一个车型都经过严格的测试和调教,精准的安装位,完美的舒适性,让玩家在追求极限姿态的的同时感受不一般的舒适和操控。AIRBFT专车专用皮囊,所采用的天然胶成分比轮胎天然胶成分还要多!单个疲劳次数3百万次到5百万次,正常使用3-5年没有问题!所有的气囊都是经过严格的测试设备来进行试压 饱压才能配套出售!在皮囊的卡箍环节经过高压力的锁紧设备压紧,正常试压在200PSI,防爆破!皮囊外层有防腐蚀 防雨水 防沙尘 耐磨材料层层保护!给你最安全的保障!
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber barrel is processed and produced by Taiwan shock absorber factory. China airbft pneumatic shock absorber operation center provides the most accurate installation position data. After measuring and customizing the special pneumatic shock absorber data, the special vehicle is 100% guaranteed. Each model of airbft pneumatic shock absorber has been strictly tested and adjusted. The precise installation position and perfect comfort make players pursue the limit You can feel the unusual comfort and control while keeping your posture. Airbft car special leather bag, the use of natural rubber ingredients than tire natural rubber ingredients even more! Single fatigue 3 million times to 5 million times, normal use 3-5 years no problem! All airbags are tested by strict testing equipment. Only when they are full can they be sold! The clamp link of the leather bag is compressed by high pressure locking equipment, and the normal pressure test is 200 psi, which is explosion-proof! The outer layer of the leather bag is protected by anti-corrosion, anti rain water, anti dust and wear-resistant materials! Give you the safest protection!