改装鉴赏|宝马E66改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂 绍兴1912出品

改装鉴赏|宝马E66改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂 绍兴1912出品

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改装鉴赏|宝马E66改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂 绍兴1912出品。宝马E66号称史上最成功的一款宝马7系,精心的设计,完美的姿态展现王者风范!一起来鉴赏宝马E66改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂王者之姿!
Refit appreciation | BMW e66 refit airbft pneumatic suspension made in Shaoxing 1912. BMW e66 is known as the most successful BMW 7 Series in the history, with elaborate design and perfect posture to show the king's style! Let's appreciate BMW e66 modified airbft pneumatic suspension king!

The history of BMW 7 Series in China should be reckoned from E38, which is really familiar to the fans. The story of competing with Mercedes Benz S-class in the car world is widely spread. However, compared with w140's big body, E38 is obviously in the downwind. In order to make up for this short board, BMW went on the market in 2001. I think the fourth generation BMW 7 Series E65 / e66, which is the most powerful so far!

BMW 7 series is a powerful D-class car. In business activities, its momentum is no less than that of its old rival, Mercedes Benz S-class. BMW 7 series is intuitively heavy and luxurious, which will make other vehicles avoid it unconsciously. Refitting the air suspension with low attitude is just as imposing.

This BMW e66 is refitted from Shaoxing 1912. It is equipped with airbft nitrogen shock absorber, 2020 air suspension system, and a simple but not simple shape design of the trunk. It shows its great momentum!

Airbft pneumatic shock absorption function introduction:
1. Four wheel independent lifting, front and back independent lifting, overall lowering, adjustable cylinder pressure, air pump working setting;
2. Three stage memory, mobile app, automatic ignition up, automatic low lying, support Chinese, English and other languages.
3. Taiwan genuine 32 segment damping soft and hard adjustable shock absorber.
4. Adopt V360 high power ultra quiet air pump to charge faster and quieter
5. With airbft special airbag, the comfort and handling have reached the best effect of the same level.
6. With LCD digital air pressure display, the car is installed without damage, and the pressure of four airbags and gas cylinders is monitored at any time, which is safer.

改装鉴赏|宝马E66改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂 绍兴1912出品。
At the weekend, I gathered in my favorite car to pick up the wind, gather like birds of a feather, and divide people into groups. Now, not a circle of Party activities can't be integrated into it. Volkswagen Shangku, Maserati, BMW 7 series, Audi a4b9 all come from the wonderful works of 1912, and all installed airbft pneumatic kits. I hope their group is growing and their refitting culture is getting better and better. Airbft pneumatic shock absorber to protect you!
Modification appreciation | BMW e66 modified airbft pneumatic suspension made in Shaoxing 1912, more wonderful modification cases add wechat: airbft