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Daily case sharing: [Chevrolet] new Camaro modified airbft pneumatic shock absorber case appreciation. Many people may not know about comello, but many people are familiar with Bumblebee! What we share today is the case of the new hornet refitting airbft pneumatic shock absorber with low attitude. The perfect body streamline and ultra-low attitude effect are the perfect match!


Function introduction of airbft-v4-p3 system:
1: Four wheel independent lifting, front and back independent lifting, one key lowering;
2: The pressure of the air tank is adjustable, and the working switch of the air pump is on
3: Three stage air pressure memory, mobile app remote control
4: Automatic ignition up, automatic flameout low prone, support Chinese, English and other languages:
5: The remote control panel is equipped with liquid crystal display screen, which mainly displays the air pressure value of 4-wheel air bag and gas cylinder
6: The latest v4-3h system is under development. It is expected to be launched in early 2021. More functions are expected!
As the largest brand of General Motors Group, Chevrolet can be regarded as the most successful automobile brand in the world according to the accumulated automobile production so far. It's number one on the U.S. sales list. It has a wide range of models, from small cars to large four door cars, from vans to large pickup trucks, and even from off-road vehicles to sports cars. Any model consumers need can be found in Chevrolet. Since the first product was launched in 1912, the total sales volume has exceeded 100 million vehicles. Its market covers 70 countries and once sold a new car every 7.2 seconds. In 2004, Chevrolet sold more than 3.6 million new cars worldwide, accounting for 5% of the total global car sales in that year. As the most international and popular brand of GM, Chevrolet has strong technology and market resources.