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Airbft pneumatic shock mount official website share: [Ford] new Ford Mustang modified airbft pneumatic shock mount to show posture Charm


The case of Ford Mustang refitting airbft pneumatic suspension is shared by Anhui ydgl refitting shop. The selected airbft pneumatic suspension kit, three stage memory function, mobile app remote control, with high cost performance, is well received by domestic customers! Let's enjoy the charm of this Ford Mustang modified airbft air suspension!


The iconic extended bonnet and shorter rear deck of 19 Ford Mustangs mark 40 years of history, just as the following classic design styles have become Mustang's symbols since the 1960s: the c-opening on the side, the three yuan tail lamp and a galloping horse symbol in the middle of the hood. The ferocious, shark like nose conveys to us a feeling that has been elusive since the late 1960s. The round headlights decorated with jewels, which are placed in the trapezoid space, are a reflection of Ford's amazing innovative design ability.
[Ford] the new Ford Mustang is modified with AIRBFT pneumatic shock absorber to display its charisma. More models are modified to AIRBFT pneumatic shock avoidance cases. We are concerned about our website or WeChat official account: AIRBFT pneumatic shock absorber.