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The Ford Mustang of "car loving commune" is refitted with airbft air shock suspension to resist the beauty. The airbft air shock website asks you to share the latest refitting cases every day. Today, we are going to enjoy the refitting of the Ford Mustang with airbft air shock, and appreciate the low lying effect!

改装文化在全球已经有很多年的历史了,欧美一些发达国家的改装文化气息非常浓厚,在国外网站或者Facebook能看到各种车型的改装案例,皮卡,货车,越野,SUV等等,他们的改装文虎已经蔓延到 每个人的生活中,反观国内的改装才刚刚起步,并且国内的改装政策一直不明朗,所以到现在为止汽车改装在国内还是只有很小的一部分玩家,AIRBFT气动避震一直致力于改装事业,希望能给更多玩家带来更多的精彩作品,也希望国内的改装文化能更快更好的发展!
Refitting culture has been around the world for many years. Some developed countries in Europe and America have a strong cultural atmosphere of refitting. On foreign websites or Facebook, you can see refitting cases of various models, such as pickup trucks, trucks, cross-country vehicles, SUVs, etc. Their refitting cultural tigers have spread to In everyone's life, the domestic refitting has just started, and the domestic refitting policy has been unclear, so up to now, the car refitting is only a small part of the players in China, airbft pneumatic shock absorber has been committed to the refitting business, hoping to bring more wonderful works to more players, and also hope that the domestic refitting culture can develop faster and better!




Airbft pneumatic shock absorption function introduction:
1. Four wheel independent lifting, front and back independent lifting, overall lowering, adjustable cylinder pressure, air pump working setting;
2. Three stage memory, mobile app, automatic ignition up, automatic low lying, support Chinese, English and other languages.
3. Taiwan genuine 32 segment damping soft and hard adjustable shock absorber.
4. Adopt V360 high power ultra quiet air pump to charge faster and quieter
5. With airbft special air bag, the comfort and handling reach the best effect of the same level.
6. With LCD digital air pressure display, the car is installed without damage, and the pressure of four airbags and gas cylinders is monitored at any time, which is safer.
Mustang is the first and perhaps the only car lucky enough to park on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building in New York. In the next 0, 1965, Ford's engineers split a 966 Mustang convertible top car into four parts and used the building's passenger elevator to drive it up. In 1966, Mustang sales reached a record one million. Currently, as many as 8 million cars have been sold, Mustang is the best-selling sports car for 17 consecutive years. By the end of the 1960s, Mustang had taken the lead in the Pan American series of the American sports car club. Throughout the 1960s, body styles and engine sizes changed. By 1969, the Mustang had changed a lot in style. The interior of the Mustang was more spacious, luxurious and powerful.
The above is the "car loving commune" Ford Mustang refitting airbft air suspension to resist the beauty with low cost, refitting is our mission, refitting is our dream, we are looking forward to more people realize the charm of refitting, we have been committed to the promotion of refitting culture, and will provide more refitting products and cases for you to enjoy! Welcome our attention to WeChat official account: AIRBFT pneumatic shock absorber