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Ford Mustang refitted airbft pneumatic shock absorber with low lying style. Refitting is a whole car transformation and upgrading process. Refitting a low attitude pneumatic shock absorber with a set of wheels is the most basic combination. If you can add a wide body surrounding effect, it will be better. Of course, it will cost more money and time. There is no limit to refitting, and the intention is beauty. Today, we are going to see the wide body low lying effect attitude of refitting the pneumatic shock suspension of Ford Mustang!

Surround the shovel with wide body, lie down to see the perfect effect of sticking to the ground. It's really enjoyable!

Every screw reflects the effect of refitting on it. A unique and individual refitting case of Ford Mustang appears in our sight!

Airbft pneumatic shock absorption function introduction:
1. Four wheel independent lifting, front and back independent lifting, overall lowering, adjustable cylinder pressure, air pump working setting;
2. Three stage memory, mobile app, automatic ignition up, automatic low lying, support Chinese, English and other languages.
3. Taiwan genuine 32 segment damping soft and hard adjustable shock absorber.
4. Adopt V360 high power ultra quiet air pump to charge faster and quieter
5. With airbft special airbag, the comfort and handling have reached the best effect of the same level.
6. With LCD digital air pressure display, the car is installed without damage, and the pressure of four airbags and gas cylinders is monitored at any time, which is safer.
"First of all" Ford Mustang refitting airbft pneumatic shock absorber low lying style refitting appreciation, more wonderful refitting cases pay attention to the airbft website model cases, daily exciting!