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AIRBFT气动避震网站分享:‘风华绝代’现代菲斯塔改装AIRBFT气压避震经典姿态案例。 HellaFlush的形成首先要满足是Flush也就是齐平轮毂轮胎,然后才有资格从Flush向HellaFlush努力。这是很多玩家的目标,完美的姿态一定对轮毂数据进行精准的测量,搭配一套好的气动筒身,才能达到完美的卡边姿态,欣赏一下这台菲斯塔安装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂的低趴风格!
Airbft pneumatic shock website shares the classic posture case of "the most magnificent" modern fista refitting airbft pneumatic shock. The formation of hellaflush should first meet the requirements of flush, i.e. flat hub tire, and then be qualified to work hard from flush to hellaflush. This is the goal of many players. The perfect posture must accurately measure the wheel hub data, with a good set of pneumatic cylinder body, in order to achieve the perfect bayonet posture, and enjoy the low lying style of the airbft air suspension installed on this fista!


The magnificent appearance of festa undoubtedly keeps the public's eyes on, and the wonderful configuration style shows the craftsmanship spirit of the design team. The front face is soft, middle and rigid, which can reflect brilliant light in the sun. The most dazzling one is the rear shape, which is simple, decent and atmospheric. The side shape that moves with the wind shows a kind of visual effect of diving. Special decorative strips decorate the rear of the car, highlighting the noble position of fista. In terms of power and control, festa is equipped with a 1.6-displacement in-line 4-cylinder turbocharged power engine, which produces a maximum horsepower of 204ps. The gearbox uses a 7-gear double clutch gearbox with advanced technology. Its stability and smoothness are worthy of affirmation. Thanks to the modern exquisite teaching skills, the matching degree of engine and gearbox is quite high. The accelerator output is timely and the acceleration is on call, which makes the driver feel the real joy of control. The maximum torque can reach 265nm, and it takes 7 seconds from 0 to 100km / h, which is more powerful than its core opponent, speedeng.


The classic attitude case of air shock absorber refitted by modern fista, more models refitted with air shock absorber suspension effect case enjoy browsing the refitting case page on the official website, or contact our company's business wechat: airbft