现代EQ900气动避震悬挂施工案例 韩国AIRBFT代理分享

现代EQ900气动避震悬挂施工案例 韩国AIRBFT代理分享

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Modern lounes eq900 is a high-end model of Hyundai. Its configuration function and appearance design are luxurious, but it is hard to see in China. Today, we share with you the example of the modification of modern lounes eq900 to airbft pneumatic suspension shared by Korean airbft agent. The low-profile modification of modern luxury models is charming!

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AIRBFT 液晶遥控器*1个
AIRBFT 遥控器线束*1组
AIRBFT 静音打气泵*1台(V360)
AIRBFT 水雾分离器*1个
AIRBFT 铝合金无缝气瓶*1个(3加仑)
AIRBFT 全车高压气管*1盘(20米)
AIRBFT 整车接头*1套
AIRBFT 专用电源线*1根
AIRBFT 气动避震桶身*1套
List of airbft pneumatic shock absorbers:
Airbft ECU valve body * 1
Airbft LCD remote control * 1
Airbft remote control harness * 1 set
Airbft mute air pump * 1 (V360)
Airbft water mist separator * 1
Airbft aluminum alloy seamless gas cylinder * 1 (3 gallons)
Airbft high pressure air pipe * 1 set (20m)
Airbft vehicle connector * 1 set
One special power cord for airbft
Airbft pneumatic shock bucket body * 1 set

The barrel body of airbft pneumatic shock absorber is processed and manufactured by Taiwan shock factory. The China airbft pneumatic shock absorber operation center provides the most accurate installation position data. After measuring and customizing the special version of the shock absorber data, the special vehicle is guaranteed to be dedicated. Each model of airbft pneumatic shock absorber has been strictly tested and adjusted, with accurate installation position and perfect comfort, so that players can pursue the limit The posture at the same time feels unusual comfort and control.
The above is the construction effect case of modern lounes eq900 modified airbft pneumatic suspension shared by Korean airbft pneumatic suspension agent. For more excellent cases, please collect the website of airbft and share with you every day!