保时捷987改装案例 AIRBFT气动避震后备箱造型设计

保时捷987改装案例 AIRBFT气动避震后备箱造型设计

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AIRBFT气动避震网站分享:保时捷987改装案例 AIRBFT气动避震后备箱造型设计,保时捷987改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂,三段记忆功能,手机app遥控,功能稳定,性价比高,是目前国内口碑品质俱佳的气动品牌,我们来欣赏保时捷987改装AIRBFT气动避震的精彩低趴风格魅力!
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber website share: the design of airbft pneumatic shock absorber trunk of modified case of Porsche 987, pneumatic shock suspension of modified airbft of Porsche 987, three-stage memory function, remote control of mobile phone app, stable function and high cost performance. It is a pneumatic brand with good reputation and quality in China at present. Let's enjoy the wonderful low lying style charm of modified airbft pneumatic shock absorber of Porsche 987!

Airbft product introduction:
1: Three stage memory electronic control system, the valve body surface adopts wire drawing treatment, which improves the overall texture of the product.
2: Taiwan genuine 32 segment damping soft and hard adjustable shock absorber.
3: V360 high power ultra quiet pump charging faster and quieter.
4: Airbft special leather bag, both in handling performance and comfort performance have reached the best effect of the same level.
5: It is easy to install and operate. Factory launched single pump and double pump assembly kit, can be directly loaded, so that you can complete a car in three small fashion!
Airbft culture: "continuous innovation, quality first" airbft pneumatic brand has been 10 years. As a refitting brand, we always hope to give players the best quality and lowest price products. In order to promote the development of domestic refitting culture, we also do the same. After years of development, airbft has become a well-known brand of pneumatic shock absorber modification, both at home and abroad There are a lot of loyal riders to support us, we will continue to progress, to bring better and more stable products, to build the world's first brand of pneumatic shock absorber modification!