“老有所依”奔驰W124精彩改装来袭 气动悬挂的经典传承

“老有所依”奔驰W124精彩改装来袭 气动悬挂的经典传承

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AIRBFT气动避震官网分享:“老有所依”奔驰W124精彩改装来袭 气动悬挂的经典传承

Airbft pneumatic shock absorption official website shares the classic inheritance of "old depends on" Mercedes Benz W124's wonderful modification to the pneumatic suspension


It has been 30 years since Mercedes Benz E-class W124 appeared in September 1984. If by the age, W124 naturally stands at 30, shouldering their own day. However, it's human nature that cars are developing too fast. It's only possible to witness the past glory of this old-fashioned running car in online culture column or offline old car party.


After all, considering the ancestors, the history of E-class should start from the W120 launched in 1953, but the name "E-class" was officially used from the 1994 W124. Therefore, to be exact, W124 is the first generation of E-class officially recognized. Since then, "E-class" has become a synonym for Mercedes Benz senior executive sedan, and W124 thus plays a pioneering role.


The key reason for W124's great success lies in its many derivative models, such as the c124 of coupe with two doors, A124 of convertible model, s124 of travel model, and even the V124 with extended version, with a wider consumer group. According to relevant statistics, during 1984-1995, the total production of Mercedes Benz W124 was 2583470, of which 340000 were for travel.


Mercedes Benz controls the design of W124 in modeling style, handles the comfort of the whole vehicle and adjusts the mechanical level almost perfectly, which is the basis of reliable quality. Officially named "E-class", introducing 4matic four-wheel drive system, and launching AMG version for the first time, let W124 always play a pioneering role. From the sales volume of over 2.5 million, W124 is a successful person, which is enough to be free and easy 30 years later. What we admire is the confidence of W124.

这是今天给大家分享的“老有所依”奔驰W124精彩改装来袭 气动悬挂的经典传承的改装案例,更多车型的精彩改装方案和案例欢迎关注AIRBFT网站。

This set of airbft pneumatic suspension set for Mercedes Benz W124 travel installation has stable functions and simple design, which is very suitable for the older brother who has been using it for more than 30 years! Time flies, classic forever, hope more and more people like this classic old car!
This is a classic case of inheritance of "Lao Youyi" Mercedes Benz W124 wonderful refitting which comes from pneumatic suspension. More excellent refitting schemes and cases are welcome to pay attention to the airbft website.