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Airbft pneumatic shock absorber website introduction: [posture case] the old Mercedes Benz E-class refitted airbft aerodynamic shock absorber low prone case, Mercedes Benz W211 is a very classic E-class, although it has been more than ten years, but now it is old-fashioned and full of British style. Today, let's take a look at the charm of the old Mercedes Benz E-class four eye refitting pneumatic shock absorber low attitude!

The main reason why many people like this E-class is that this pair of four eye headlights is really classic. The more you look at it, the more you look at it, the more elegant and emotional the posture is

AIRBFT 液晶遥控器*1个
AIRBFT 遥控器线束*1组
AIRBFT 静音打气泵*1台(V360)
AIRBFT 水雾分离器*1个
AIRBFT 铝合金无缝气瓶*1个(3加仑)
AIRBFT 全车高压气管*1盘(20米)
AIRBFT 整车接头*1套
AIRBFT 专用电源线*1根
AIRBFT 气动避震桶身*1套
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber kit list:
Airbft ECU valve body * 1 piece
Airbft LCD remote controller * 1
Airbft remote control harness * 1 group
Airbft silent pump * 1 set (V360)
Airbft water mist separator * 1
Airbft aluminum alloy seamless gas cylinder * 1 (3 Gal)
Airbft whole vehicle high pressure air pipe * 1 disc (20m)
Airbft vehicle connector * 1 set
1 dedicated power cord for airbft
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber barrel * 1 set
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber parts manufacturers promise that without secondary disassembly and assembly, life-long quality, high-end quality, people-friendly price!
Benz E211 is awarded the title of the most beautiful Mercedes Benz, such a Mercedes Benz refitting low posture is more beautiful, do you think this Benz E-class do you like? "Pay attention to airbft pneumatic shock absorbers website, update the refitting cases of different models every day, and like players can leave us messages!