起亚K5气动悬挂改装案例 韩国AIRBFT代理分享

起亚K5气动悬挂改装案例 韩国AIRBFT代理分享

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AIRBFT气动避震网站每日案例分享:起亚K5气动悬挂改装案例 韩国AIRBFT代理分享。起亚K5改装气动避震低趴案例前几年在国内玩的人还是很多,随着新款的车型的推出,现在国内已经很少有玩家继续玩这款车,但是做为韩国本土车型,起亚的车迷还是很多的,今天我们分享的这辆起亚K5气动避震改装案例就是韩国AIRBFT代理施工分享的,一起来鉴赏K5的低趴魅力!
Daily case sharing of airbft pneumatic shock absorber website: Kia K5 pneumatic suspension modification case shared by Korean airbft agent. In the past few years, there are still a lot of people playing in China. With the introduction of new models, there are few players in China to continue to play with this car. However, as a local model in Korea, Kia still has a lot of fans. Today, we share the case of Kia K5 pneumatic shock absorber modification, which is shared by the agent construction of airbft in South Korea Low lying charm of K5!

Function introduction of airbft-v4-p3 system:
1: Four wheel independent lifting, front and rear independent lifting, one key lowering;
2: The pressure of the air tank is adjustable and the air pump is on / off
3: Three section air pressure memory, remote control of mobile app
4: It can automatically raise the ignition and lower the engine when it is off. It supports many languages such as Chinese and English
5: The remote control panel is equipped with liquid crystal display screen, which mainly displays the air pressure value of 4-wheel air bag and gas cylinder
6: The latest v4-3h system is under development and is expected to be launched in early 2021. More functions are expected!

Airbft culture: "continuous innovation, quality first" airbft pneumatic brand has been 10 years. As a refitting brand, we always hope to give players the best quality and lowest price products. In order to promote the development of domestic refitting culture, we also do the same. After years of development, airbft has become a well-known brand of pneumatic shock absorber modification, both at home and abroad There are a lot of loyal riders to support us, we will continue to progress, to bring better and more stable products, to build the world's first brand of pneumatic shock absorber modification!